One of my favorite features of Google Chrome is “tab to search” – a feature that offers you the ability to search a site before even going to its home page:


For an example of this, you can check out

This feature is extremely easy to implement in SharePoint!

  1. Create an XML “OpenSearchDescription” file, and store it in the style library.
  2. Write a link to the XML definition file in your master page.

Update: It should probably be noted that there is a broken feature in the SharePoint 2010 basic search center which attempts & fails to inject a similar open search description using a file called “/_layouts/srchconnectorgenerator.aspx”. I’ve not seen this actually work (it throws up a correlation ID which I haven’t the time to investigate), and it doesn’t provide a link on the root site, so it’s unlikely to be picked up by chrome.

Should also note that this affects a similar (but less used and less useful) option in Firefox, and versions of IE below IE9:


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