Struggling with multiple logins? Take a look at the user account features in Google Chrome. You can run multiple instances of Chrome, each retaining its own context , history, cookies, and distinct bookmarks for each client.

To set this up in Chrome, head to chrome://flags/#enable-new-avatar-menu and disable the new menu (it’s a bit slower to use).
enable-new-avatar-menu“Relaunch Chrome”, then go to Settings to add a person to your account. Un-check ‘create a desktop icon’.

create-userOnce the user account is created, restart your browser again. You’ll now see the user icon in the top left. The menu under this icon lets you launch a new instance in your client’s context. In Windows 7+, each different instance also has its own taskbar icon.

multi-userNo more browser-juggling or incognito mode frustrations 🙂